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The copy of a letter dated 11th June 1859, addressed to Capt. Noble, R.N., Superintendent of the Pilots at Dover, is of interest. This requests that twenty Pilots may have their duties so arranged as to enable them to attend the consecration. The following is an account of the consecration and banquet taken from the records that are in the possession of the Grand Lodge Library: -

The Wellington Lodge, for which a warrant or charter of constitution had been obtained, was opened on Saturday, June 18th, 1859. The Brethren met at the Walmer Castle Hotel, and proceeded thence in procession to the Assembly Rooms, where the ceremony of opening and consecration of the Lodge was fixed to take place, under a dispensation from the R.W. the Prov G.M. of Kent, instead of at the Walmer Castle named in the warrant.

The Lodge was opened by Bro Stephen Barton Wilson, PGM, the officer appointed by the Grand Master for that purpose, in the presence of R.W. Bro Charles Purton Cooper; PrGM, Bro Harvey Boys, Pr SGW, as DPrGM; Bro T. Hallowes, PPrSGW; Bro G.O. Phipps, PPrSGW; Bro B. Jones, PPrJGW; Bro Saunders, PrGTreas; Bro Chas. Isaacs, PrGSec; Bro S. Beeching, PrGDC; and several other Provincial Grand Officers; Bro Edwin Ransford, PrGOrganist; Bro Sir Jas. Fergusson, PrGM for Ayrdhire; Bro Hyde Pullen, DPrGM, Isle of Wight; Bro Major Burney, and several Brethren of the different Lodges in the Province.

The charter or warrant of constitution from the Grand Lodge of England was read by the PrGSec; also the authority of the RW Bro the PrGM for the opening and consecrating the Lodge at the Assembly Rooms instead of the house named in the warrant, and the consecration ceremony was then proceeded with. The Director of Ceremonies presented Bro E.C. Hayward, PM149, PPrSGD, the first Master named in the warrant.
The installing master enquired if the Brethren approved of the officers nominated to preside over them and this being signified in due form, an oration written for the occasion was delivered by Bro Hyde Pullen, who officiated as Grand Chaplain, in a very impressive manner, and was listened to with marked attention.

The Lodge was next consecrated with the accustomed ceremonies.
The new Master was then examined, and found to be well skilled in our noble science, and duly instructed in the mysteries of the Craft; and being vouched for as an Installed Master, was regularly inducted into the chair, and after receiving due honours and making his acknowledgements, proceeded to appoint and invest his officers as follows: -
Bros J.S. Pembroke, SW; J.E. Apps, JW; H.D. Reynolds, See; J. Holmes, SD; S.W. West, SD; T.D. Norris, DC; R. Rogers and S. Norris, Stwds; J. Newton, IG; Bros J. Ralph who was elected Treasurer, and J. Payne, Tyler, were also invested.

Propositions were made for several candidates, both for initiation and joining. A vote of thanks was recorded in the minutes of the Lodge to Bro S.B. Wilson for the excellent and effective manner in which he had conducted the ceremony of consecration of the Wellington Lodge, and he was requested to become an honorary member. The Lodge was then closed in due form.

The Brethren adjourned to the Town Hall in the same order of procession to the banquet, at which the RWBro C.P. Cooper, PGM, presided, but was compelled immediately afterwards to leave for London. Bro Harvey Boys, PPrSGW, then took the chair, and disposed of the usual loyal and Masonic toasts. In reply to that of the Grand Officers of England, Bro S.E. Wilson said it could not but be gratifying to any officer to have his name associated with that of the DGM, and his name having been mentioned on that occasion, it became his duty to say a few words with respect to Lord Pamure, whose zeal and ability entitled him to the esteem of the Brethren. With respect to himself as Consecrating Officer, and the instrument of adding another Lodge to the Province, they were indebted for that to the selection of the PGM, who, he was proud to say, conducted the business of his Province to the satisfaction of the Brethren generally. A circumstance had occurred which he felt compelled to refer to, that of having been proposed and accepted as a member of the Lodge. He begged to assure them he fully appreciated the compliment, and should consider himself called upon to advance the prosperity of the Lodge, and trusted he should ere long see it second to none in the Province in carrying out the great principles of Freemasonry.

The health of the PGM was then proposed by Bro Harvey Boys, who dilated on the many excellent qualities of Bro Cooper. Bro Boys then proposed the Grand Masters of Scotland and Ireland, and Bro Sir James Fergusson, PGM for Ayrshire, in reply, expressed his extreme gratification in having been present at the interesting ceremony of the day, which has been so ably conducted, and trusted he should have other opportunities of attending the meetings of the Wellington Lodge. He asked for permission to propose the health of the Brother then presiding over them. Bro Harvey Boys suitably replied and proposed the health of the Master of the Wellington Lodge, who replied in neat and brief terms. In proposing the Visitors, Bro Boys especially mentioned Bro Hyde Pullen, who he was much pleased to see present, that worthy Brother having conferred on himself the degree of MM and whose merits as a Mason had placed him in the high position he then held. Bro Pullen, in responding to the toast in suitable terms, asked permission to propose the Prov. Grand Officers of Kent, coupling with the toast Bro Charles Isaacs, PrGSec, of whose industry and application to the duties of his office every Brother was sensible. Bro Isaacs briefly replied.

Bro Hyde Pullen, before the closing toast was proposed, desired permission to give one which never ought to be omitted at a Masonic meeting, which was “Success to the glorious Institutions which dispensed relief and assistance to the Aged, the Widow, and the Ophans,” and then made an earnest appeal to the Brethren of the Wellington Lodge to make their Lodge and themselves individually life governors of the Institutions as speedily as possible, and that one of their members should be deputed to act as Steward at the next festival of the Benevolent Institution.

The forcible appeal of Bro Pullen had the desired effect, for the members promised him that the Charities should have the support of the Lodge, and, they hoped, of every individual member. Several other toasts were then given, and a concluding glass to all poor and distressed Masons finished the proceedings. The furniture and paraphernalia of the Lodge were all new, and the arrangements most complete, reflecting the highest credit on the Master and Brethren of the Lodge.

There were nearly one hundred Brethren present. The Lodge furniture was supplied by Bro J. White of Ramsgate, at an estimated cost of £45 to £50, the final amount paid being £61. The Officers' jewels were supplied by Bro A.D. Loewenstark, of London, a member of the Wellington Lodge No 805, London.

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