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The first regular meeting of the Lodge was held on 14th July 1859, when four Brethren were initiated, among whom is the name of Bro Frederick Thomas Hulke, the doctor who attended the Duke of Wellington in his last and fatal illness at Wahner Castle, and the first of three generations of this medical family to become members of the Lodge, the last of whom was W.Bro Dr Frederick

Malcohn Stirling I-Iulke, who died six months after his Installation in the Chair in 1927. This meeting appointed a Tyler, whose remuneration was to be 2/6 per meeting, later increased by one penny per head of all members present at the table meeting after the Lodge was closed. In addition to his usual duties, he collected the members' subscriptions, which were payable quarterly; for this he received 5% commission on all money collected. The Tyler was also paid to attend the meetings of Provincial Grand Lodge to represent the Lodge.

ln 1863 the Lodge removed its place of meeting to the Black Horse Hotel, in High Street. It is interesting to note that after the Masonic Hall in Sondes Road was requisitioned by the Army during the 1939-45 war the Lodge held meetings once again at this Hotel. It is believed that the Walmer Castle Inn was burned down at this time, although exhaustive enquiries have failed to produce documentary evidence of this fact. If this is the case it would account for the change of meeting place, and might also account for the loss of the Lodge's first Minute Book, which may have been kept on these premises.

In 1863, at the re-numbering of the Lodge by Grand Lodge, the Wellington Lodge obtained its present number 784.

In 1865 the place of meeting was again changed, on this occasion to the Public Rooms in Park Street, where the Lodge remained until the erection of the Masonic Hall in 1910

In 1869 a box of Masonic Tools was purchased for the sum of five shillings, and a further sum of seven shillings Was paid to a local tradesman for polishing them. Numerous references are found in the Account Book to the relief of distressed Masons from overseas, Scotland, and Ireland, presumably seaman, Deal at that period being an important anchorage for sailing vessels. One item, in 1872, records relief to a distressed Brother and his family, who were French refugees. In October 1873, there are references to the Annual Michaelmas Goose Supper, held at the Rose Hotel.

The Minutes of 1875 record a membership of fifty- four subscribing and three honorary members.

In 1876 it was recommended that Jewels be presented to the Past Masters if Lodge funds permitted. In this year the Lodge became a Life Governor of the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution.

On 9th May 1876, the Lodge invited the PGM, R.W.Bro Viscount Hclmsdale, to hold the Annual

Provincial Meeting under its banner. The invitation was accepted, and the meeting was held on 12th July. The following are the details, of the arrangements made on this occasion: -
Breakfast at the Royal Hotel 10.00am
Lodge at the Old Assembly Rooms. 12.00noon
Service at St. George's Church... 1.30pm
Banquet at the Public Rooms, Park Street... 4.00pm
On 12th February .1885, the death occurred of the WM before the first meeting after his installation.

In January 1902, the Lodge passed a resolution expressing its condolences to the M.W. the Grand Master, the Prince of Wales, on the death of Queen Victoria, and its congratulations to him on ascending the throne as King Edward VII.

On 12 th September 1908, the Provincial Charity Committee met at Deal, R.W.Bro the PGM, Col Cornwallis, PGW, presiding. The meeting was held in the Council Chamber by permission of H.W. the Mayor of Deal. On 25 th March 1909, the Lodge discussed the proposal to build a Masonic Hall in Sondes Road for the combined use of all Craft Lodges, Chapters, and the Mark and Royal Ark Mariners Lodge meeting in Deal. At a further meeting the plans and particulars of the management of the proposed building were considered. Arrangements were made to lay the Foundation Stone of the building by the PGM of Middx, R.W.Bro Lord George Francis Hamilton, G.C.S.I., and the PGM of Kent, R.W.Bro Col Cornwallis, with full Masonic ceremony. This ceremony had to be cancelled owing to the death of H.M. King Edward VII. The stone was eventually laid by Lord George Hamilton, in the presence of the Honorary Architect Bro Crowther, the builder Bro Travers, and the Trustees of the Hall representing the Lodges.

On 12th May 1910, a vote of condolence was passed to the Prince of Wales on the death of King Edward VII, and congratulations to King George V on his accession. In April 1910, the Lodge acquired a new banner in place of the old, which was uniit for further use. This new banner was damaged during the war of 1939-45, and was repaired by the wives of some of the members and is still in use.

On 27th September 1910, an emergency meeting was held to open the new Masonic Temple. On this occasion the Offices of the Lodge were tilled by the following: -
WM WBro W. Court WM 784
IPM WBRo A. Mason PM 784, Sec3452
SW Wbro R.J. Carpenter WM 1096
JW WBro A.C. Brown PM 784, WM 3452
Chaplain WBro Rev R. PattersonPM 784, JW 3452
Treasurer WBro F.A. Powell PM23, PGStB, Charity Rep 3452
Secretary WBro J.S. Huntly PM & Sec 1096
SD Bro T.W. Brown SW 784
JD Bro J. Franklin SW 1096
DC WBro H.T. Pain PM & Sec 784
ADC WBro T. Bent PM & Charity Rep 784
Organist WBro J. Jefferson Treasurer 1096
Asst Organist WBro J.W. Minter IPM 1096
IG Bro G. Goslett JW 1096
Stewards Bro J. Wallet 784
Bro A. Wheeler 784
Bro R. Bird 784
Bro W.H. Wyborn 1096
Tylers Bro L.R. Norman
Bro W. Bowles PM 1096

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